COVID-19 Rapid Testing

Students and their advisers/coaches who participate in extracurricular activities must be tested for COVID-19 on a bi-weekly basis*. Please arrive at your assigned time. Wear your mask and stay socially distanced from others.

Parents, follow this registration link to complete the one-time only registration and consent form for your student.

Participants who do not complete their required bi-weekly testing will not be eligible for participation in practices, rehearsals, games, or performances until such a time that a negative COVID-19 test result is produced to their coach or adviser. If you are unable to attend your assigned session, please communicate with your coach or adviser to discuss other arrangements.

Alternative free testing sites are available by visiting

*No testing is required for any individual who has had COVID-19 within the past 90 days.

Testing Schedule (Small Gym):

Fridays - 2/5, 2/19, 3/5 (as necessary)
Fridays - 1/29*, 2/12, 2/26, 3/12 (as necessary)
10:15 am
Dance Company / Ballroom Team
10:15 am Boys Basketball 
10:30 am Winter Guard 10:30 am Girls Basketball / Girls Lacrosse
10:45 am Boys Lacrosse / Theatre 10:45 am Cheer / Drill
11:00 am Baseball  11:00 am Swimming/ esports
11:15 am Softball / Indoor Track  11:15 am Drumline / Band*
11:30 am Madrigals 11:30 am Boys and Girls Wrestling
11:45 am Football /  11:45 am Boys Soccer
12:00 pm Debate 12:00 pm  
12:15 pm   12:15 pm  

CHHS Faculty and Staff are welcome to participate in our testing sessions. We ask that you test no more frequently than bi-weekly, but you are welcome to come to our testing at any time between 10:30am - 12:30pm 
The Jordan School District has offered this opportunity and to all JSD employees and they can participate in this COVID-19 Rapid Testing process. The testing sessions at Copper Hills High School are for Copper Hills High School students faculty and Staff. There are alternative locations for other Jordan School District employees. 
  • Q: Which test is this? Do they stick a swab into my brain?
    • A: The BinaxNOW rapid antigen tests, which are administered by nasal swab and produce results in 15 minutes. Individuals receive their results via email shortly after. BinaxNOW and other rapid antigen tests are not as accurate as PCR tests. You may want to obtain PCR testing to confirm unexpected BinaxNOW results.
  • Q: Who administers the test?
    • A: All testers are qualified and trained professionals covered under the Local and State Health Department requirements. We are fortunate to have District Nurses and our Athletic Trainers administering the tests supported by other school personnel.
  • Q: Can I get tested elsewhere?
  • Q: I don't want to test. What can I do?
    • A: It is not required to get tested. But if you want to participate in the extracurricular activities at CHHS, you will have to have a valid bi-weekly negative test result. Extracurricular activities are extra . . . you decide.
  • Q: I've already had COVID. Do I need to test?
    • A: Probably not. If you have tested positive within the last 90 days, you are exempt from testing requirements. You must resume testing after the 90 days expire.
  • Q: How will I find out my results
    • A: Positive test results will be notified immediately in person or by phone in addition to the email notification. Negative tests will rely upon the email notification system. Your email account will NOT receive these emails. Make sure you register with a personal email address.