CHHS State ASL Competition Success

Copper Hills State Competition Results 2022


The ASL students had their annual State ASL Competition today. Emily Hill and I are so proud of our signing Grizzlies! Our students came away with 27 medals! (Only the top 3 in each category place). Our level 3 students swept the entire receptive category! Most of the events are individual, with the exception of Culture/History and Cinema. If you know any of these Grizzlies, please congratulate them. 


ASL Level 1

1st place: (ABC Storytelling) Lily DeWitt

2nd place: (ABC Storytelling) Sophie Jensen

2nd place: (Culture/History) Sarah Briggs, Brayden Muncey,  & Jalen Mae Soirs

3rd place: (Deaf Art) Sarah Briggs

3rd place: (Receptive) Beck Banza


ASL Level 2

2nd place: (Expressive Story) Cort Boardman

3rd place: (Number Story) Ashley Strong

2nd place: (Deaf Art) Chelsea Lawhorn

2nd place: (Culture/History) Meagan Jensen, Kennadee Mecham & Celeste Schmidt

2nd place: (Receptive) Dakota Christensen

3rd place: (Receptive) Bailee Allen


ASL Level 3

1st place: (Receptive) Faith Bryce

2nd place: (Receptive) Kalle Ramsay

3rd place: (Receptive) Joshua Herrin

1st place: (Culture/History) Emma Thomsen & Shae Muncey

1st place: (ABC Story) Joey Coleman 

1st place: (Same Handshape Story) Makinley Brown

2nd place: (Same Handshape Story) Camryn Cooper 

3rd place: (Expressive Story) Taz Adamson

2nd place: (Deaf Art) Haylee Roberts

3rd place: (Cinema) Julia Basinger & Karissa Brough