Main Office

Welcome to the Main Office Home Page

Office Hours – The Main Office is open on all regular school days from 7 am-3 pm. Summer Hours Monday - Friday 8 am - 3 pm, closed 12 pm-1 pm for lunch

Phone – 801-256-5300

Emergency Information – Should the school be involved in an emergency, (real or practice), DO NOT CALL the school. The staff is busy keeping students safe and will not be able to answer phones.

Please educate your students that it is crucial to their safety to turn their cell phone off as the noise and lights from cell phones or other electronic devices can alert intruders to identifying student locations. Pass this information on to your student.

Financial Transactions – All financial transactions are handled in the Main Office: fee waivers, parking permits, attendance school fees, or any fee assessment.

Teacher Phone Calls – Calls to teachers need to be handled from the Main Office. Please call the Main Office number, and the secretaries will connect you to the individual teacher’s phone.

Visitors – All visitors, please, check in at the Main Office. You may be required to show photo ID.

Volunteers – Please call or come in to the office for instructions.