Course Requests/Arena Scheduling

Course Requests
Course Requests at Copper Hills High School are used to help build the master schedule of classes for the next school year. Students request 8 credits worth of classes they want to take next year and CHHS uses this data to create the number of class sections we need. After all of the students complete the course request process, the classes that were selected will be run through an auto-scheduler to build a student's schedule for the next school year. Typically the auto scheduler will not create a full schedule for the student, but students can make changes and fill in their schedule when arena scheduling opens. 
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  • You need to be enrolled at Copper Hills. If your student is not currently a student at CHHS, Sunset Ridge, or West Hills, please complete the pre-enrollment paperwork with the CHHS attendance office as soon as possible.
  • Students need to know their Skyward login and password (call 801-256-5310).
Important Dates 2022/2023:
  • March 13th - Course Requests open for 10th & 11th Grade Students
  • March 13th & 14th - Course Requests in 10th Grade Language Arts
  • March 16th & 17th - Course Requests in 11th Grade Language Arts 
  • March 20th - Course Requests open for 9th Grade Students
  • March 20th & 21st - Course Requests at Sunset Ridge Middle School 
  • March 22nd - Course Requests at West Hills Middle School
  • April 14th - Course Requests close for all students
  • April 17th - CHHS School Counselors pick classes for students that didn't pick course requests
  • May 12th (Tentative) - Auto Scheduled student schedules available to view (please note all requests might not schedule, so check carefully)
Please keep in mind that you may be removed from certain classes in the event that:
  • You have not completed the required prerequisite course(s)
  • You have not completed the SLCC, Snow, or Weber State registration process for a concurrent enrollment class
  • A class is dropped or moved based on adjustments made to the CHHS master course schedule
  • You do not complete the Summer Online Registration process in August
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Arena Scheduling
Arena Scheduling is available on Skyward during certain date ranges to help students adjust their class schedule. After the students schedule is created by the auto scheduler in April, students will be able to use Arena Scheduling to change classes and fill in missing class periods. Arena scheduling is also available to students the first 4 days of Q1 & Q3 to make adjustments to classes.
Important Dates (Subject to Change):
  • 12th Grade - Arena Scheduling opens May 15th at 3 pm and closes May 16th at 11:59 pm
  • 11th Grade - Arena Scheduling opens May 17th at 3 pm and closes May18th at 11:59 pm
  • 10th Grade - Arena Scheduling opens May 19th at 4 pm and closes May 22nd at 11:59 pm
  • May 30th @ 4:00 pm - Arena opens for the rest of the summer
It is important for you to check your class schedule periodically from May through August in case the Master Schedule changes due to staffing or schedule issues.
Students are required to have a full schedule with all 8 periods full both Semester 1 and Semester 2. Do not leave blank periods in your schedule.
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