Enrollment - Arena Scheduling

If you are currently a student at CHHS or you are in the 9th grade at Sunset Hills Middle School or West Hills Middle School AND you live in the Copper Hills boundary, you are already pre-enrolled.  Please move down the page to Step Two: Arena Scheduling.
If you are a current student in the Jordan School District, click the link to Back to School Registration:
If you are not a current student in the Jordan School District, please follow the steps below.

Step One: Enrollment

Students who are NEW to CHHS and NEW to the district.

  • CHHS is currently open to permits.  We have only a few permits available.  When they are gone, applications will move to our wait list.  To apply, click here.  You can also apply by going to jordandistrict.org.  Click on “Parent Student” then “Registration and Enrollment” and then the “School Choice Application” link
  • Jordan School District schools can process new student enrollments online using the Skyward Family Access system.  If you do not have a Skyward Family Access account, please select Temporary Account for New Student Enrollment.  If you already have a Skyward Family Access account or have created a temporary account, please select New Student Enrollment. If you have questions on which schools are in your boundary, please visit the Jordan School District Boundary Locator page.  If you wish to apply for a school outside your boundary, please visit the Jordan School District School Choice page.
  • Submit the required items listed below to the CHHS Attendance Office by April 30, 2021.  We will stop approving On Line Enrollment for next year on April 30, 2021.  If we have not received your documentation by this date, you will not be able to enroll until after the summer break.
  • For those missing the April 30th deadline, “New Student Appointments” will be made in the Counseling Center.  Call the Copper Hills Counseling Center beginning August 2, 2021 at 801-256-5320 to schedule an appointment.  The enrollment and registration will take about 1 ½ hours.  Before the appointment, complete on line enrollment.  During the appointment you will start in the Attendance Office, meet with an administrator, enroll with the registrar, pay school fees, and meet with your counselor to schedule your classes.  A parent or legal guardian must accompany new students to this appointment.  Make sure you bring the required documents listed below.


Required Documents:

  1. Unofficial Transcript – Obtained from previous school (If your student will be in 10th grade next year, a most recent report card will do)
  2. Birth Certificate (must be original; we will make a copy)
  3. Parent Drivers License or State ID Card
  4. Proof of Residency
    1. Required – One of the following:
      • Copy of mortgage or copy of deed or lease agreement
      • Notarized letter from landlord or notarized statement that family is living at said address
    2. Required – Two of the following:
      • Letter from government agency showing address
      • Recent utility bill showing address (within the last 60 days)
      • Valid Driver’s License
      • Utah photo ID card
      • Voter registration documentation
      • Church or religious records
  5. Immunization Records (bring record of all…)
  6. Proof of guardianship (only required if circumstances warrant)
    1. If parents are divorced, guardian needs to provide a copy of document proving custodial guardianship. This would be the parent who has physical custody.
    2. If student is living with someone other than custodial parent, court documentation proving guardianship must be provided. Contact Kristi Midgley at 801-256-5311 with questions regarding guardianship.


Step Two: Arena Scheduling for next school year

For the next school year, students' core classes (Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies) will be auto-scheduled based on "Course Requests' completed by students.  During the first few weeks of February, 2022,  Counselors will guide students through completing a 'Core Subject Course Request' in their Language Arts classes.  Students can complete or change their 'Course Requests' at home in Skyward.

Students will schedule their classes beginning May 9, 2022 for next year Seniors; May 11, 2022 for next year Juniors; May 13-16, 2022 for next year Sophomores. It is important for you to check your class schedule periodically in case the Master Schedule changes due to staff changes, etc. You will not be able to schedule classes if:

  • You are not enrolled at CHHS (see Step One).
  • You do not know your Skyward login and password (call 801-256-5310).

Please keep in mind that you may be removed from certain classes in the event that:

  • You have not completed the necessary prerequisite course(s)
  • You have not completed the SLCC or Weber State registration process for a concurrent enrollment class
  • A class is dropped or moved for scheduling purposes
  • You do not complete the Summer Online Registration process in August

To schedule your classes, you must log in to your Skyward account during the assigned Arena Scheduling dates and times for your grade. You are strongly encouraged to complete a Planning Worksheet before trying to schedule your classes. Counselors will be available to help you.  

Step Three: Back to School Registration