HOSA competed in State last week and represented Copper Hills Well! Please congratulate these students if you see them! 
1st Place in HOSA GAMES  
CHHS HOSA - Mia Perry, Aubree Wilson & Samantha Wilson
1st place in Medical Assisting 
Jaida Clark 
2nd place in organizational Leadership 
Mia Perry 
3rd place in CPR/First aid out of 75 teams!!! 
Sarah Newlon & Malynn Miner
3rd place in Home Health Aid 
Aubree Wilson 

3rd Place in Behavioral Health 
Rachel Navarette 
Top Ten in Community Awareness 
Ashley Cheney & Maria Navarro 
Top Ten in Forensic Science 
Piper Dejesus & Kira Price
Tayla Wright & Matea Straw
Top Ten Health Career Display out of 100 teams!!! 
Aubree Wilson & Cynthia Barlow 
Top Ten in Health Career Photography 
Samantha Mason 
Top Ten in Organization Leadership 
Beneen Asaed  
Top Ten in Physical Therapy 
Kate Cahoon