CHHS Arena Class Scheduling

Hello Parents and Students! 
For 2nd semester (3rd and 4th quarter), arena scheduling through Skyward will be open to allow for students or parents to login and make changes to semester courses. Any changes desired to year-long courses will still need to be made through your guidance counselor.
Due to changes in staff as a result of virtual learning, there will be a few classes dropped from our schedule and will require students to find and enroll in a new class.
Arena scheduling for all of these changes will be open starting at 3:00pm on Wednesday, January 6 until 11:59pm on Wednesday, January 27.
You can view a PDF of the master schedule near the bottom of our our Registration page here:
Arena Scheduling for 2nd Semester
After a technical issue yesterday that impacted the kickoff to 2nd semester arena scheduling, we are now up and running. Please remember semester class changes only unless going through a counselor up until 11:59pm on January 27.

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