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Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the Ballroom Team!! You all made it a tough decision for the judges!!
If you did not make the team- please sign up for Ballroom 2 & 3 next year to improve your skills and still have an opportunity to perform and compete. 
Congratulations to the 2024-2025 Performing Ballroom Team
Jared Meza Garcia                               Arianna McBride
Brandon Palacios                                 Mia Matamoros
Gage Howe                                          Megan Ballard
Peter Hawkins                                      Ashlynn Morgan
Bradley Mecham                                  Allison Christensen
Logan DeMoux                                    Alyssa Wadsworth
Jonathan Congrove                             MiKayla Barton
Taylor Larsen                                       Jade Meza Garcia
Zane Hoyal                                          Morgan Barbee
Leo Cooper                                         Whitney Christensen
Collin Sidwell                                       Rylee Brady
Gabriel Brown                                      McKenna Winegar
Nathan Pace                                        Alyson Reynolds
New team members please stop by the ballroom and sign next to your name on the list accepting your spot. List will be available to sign at the middle of A lunch. 
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