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Writing Resources

The following handouts and resources were created to complement writing concepts and should never replace course instruction or assignment guidelines. Writers should tailor their work to their teacher's guidelines and feedback.
Mrs. Hinojosa is so excited to be a member of the CHHS Writing Center Team.  She teaches AP US History and good writing skills are essential to students' success.  The additional support for her students' is priceless.

Mrs. H. holds a BS in Sociology from the University of Utah, and a BA in Social Science Education and Masters of Science in Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governors University.  Prior to entering the teaching profession, she worked primarily in bank operations.  She became a teacher at the age of 31 and has finally found her professional happy place!

Her experience includes four years teaching middle school US History, and came to Copper Hills High School in 2015.  The opportunity to teach an AP course has been extremely fulfilling; she appreciates how she is constantly motivated to improve and continue learning.  

When she is not at school, Mrs. H. enjoys spending time with her husband Mark and their daughters Gabby and Lucy.  They enjoy traveling, cooking, and playing Rummikub together.
Administrative Liaison 
Dr. Haslam has taught high school English, Creative Writing, and Journalism for 12 years, half in Utah and half in Alabama. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication from Westminster Collegea Master of Science Degree in Secondary English Education from Jacksonville State University, and a Ph.D. in Creative & Critical Writing from Bangor University in Wales.

Dr. Haslam’s biggest passions for secondary education come from English electives. He created and taught the first Utah High School Poetry Slam Course recognized by the board of education; he is the founder and President of the Utah High School Poetry Slam Initiative, and he has organized world class writing workshops featuring artists such as Ashlee Haze, Safia Elhillo, Olivia Gatwood, Good Ghost Bill, Jesse Parent, Kevin Kantor, and Neil Hilborn. He created the first poetry slam team at CHHS and has coached them to three state titles.

He resurrected the school newspaper in 2012 and changed the name to 
The Grizzly GrowlHe recently led his students to win The Coverage Cup, a journalism award for best coverage in the state. He also advises the school literary magazine, Chasms. He also teaches Communications in the evenings at Salt Lake Community College.

When he’s not in the classroom, Haslam enjoys spending time with his wife Jamie and daughter Lucy. He’s usually trying out new places to eat or raving about the successes or failures of his favorite soccer teams.
​Ms. Tibbitts is a fifth-year teacher--all five years at CHHS and loving every minute of it! She has taught English 10, English 12, AP Language & Composition, and Education 1&2. She is absolutely confident that there is no career better than teaching and no skill more important than communication (in all its forms). She is passionate about improving education and helped get Utah started in the national Educators Rising program to train future educators. She serves as the head advisor for the Copper Hills chapter of the Educators Rising CTSO, which won four medals at the state competition in March.

When she's not teaching or thinking about teaching or hiding from the world in her classroom-cave, Ms. Tibbitts feeds her obsessions with festivals, off-roading, various actors, and many sci-fi/fantasy fandoms. Her latest obsession is gardening, and it's shaping up to be a life-long love!


​Mrs. Codella is thrilled to participate in the Writing Center here at Copper Hills. She teaches Language Arts in the Special Education department and co-teaches a language arts class with Ms. Hermansen. As students prepare to embark on the journey that will be their professional lives, it is vital for them to learn skills that they will take with them. We are excited to offer many different kinds of tutoring in the Writing Center, and hope this will become a valuable tool for all of Grizzly Nation.

She graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor's degree in Educational Psychology and received a Master's Degree in Education from National University. She comes to the Writing Center with 18 years of teaching experience, and has been part of a handful of different faculties throughout these 18 years. Copper Hills High School has been her home for 5 years. 

Her hobbies include: traveling (when there isn't a global pandemic) , reading, being outdoors,  playing board and card games and hanging out with her husband and two children. She has lived in Utah, Fiji and Nevada. The most unusual thing she has ever eaten is a fish head. Come to the Writing Center and ask her about it! 
Mr. Redford was born in Eugene Oregon and although he has been living in Utah for the last 10 years, he still identifies as an Oregonian. As a child, he was surrounded by granolas and has come to really love the outdoors; he enjoys camping, hiking and any environmental movement that protects these resources including recycling and the national Parks Program. Some of his other interests include music, science/technology and a few select sports. He lived in Brazil for 2 years (bet you can't guess why) before starting higher education at BYU. He graduated in 2016 with a major in 'teaching physical science' and a minor in 'Ancient Near Eastern Studies'. He is bilingual (english and portuguese) and wants to learn spanish, so feel free to chat with him. He loves teaching science while sarcastically making fun of his students. He is currently trying to meet the prerequisites to get into a Masters in Physics Education (MS) program at Texas A&M, and hopes that this will bridge him into a PhD program in Pedagogical sciences (the science of teaching and learning). Wish him luck! 

In Memoriam - Mrs. Szetela

Mrs. Michelle Szetela - for whom our Writing Center is named - was a founding member of our team.  Her expertise in Writing Centers was integral in the establishment of our Writing Center.  We miss her and honor her by continuing this project.

Mrs. Szetela grew up in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, about 60 miles north of Philadelphia, but lived on Long Island, New York, for eight years. She holds degrees from 
Lehigh Carbon Community College (A.A., Liberal Arts); the State University of New York at Stony Brook (B.A., English; .inor: secondary education); Northern Arizona University (M.A., English); and Long Island University (M.A., English).

Both as a student and teacher, Mrs. S. tutored in writing and tutoring centers at LCCC, Stony Brook Univ., LIU, and Salt Lake Community Collegeshe taught first-year composition at LIU, LCCC, and Utah Valley Universityas well as high school English at Rockwell Charter High School.  Mrs. Szetela taught English 1010 (Introduction to Writing), English 2010 (Intermediate Writing), and English 2100 (Technical Writing) at SLCC; she taught at Copper Hills High School from 2015 until her passing in March 2019.

Having presented at the Northeast Writing Centers Association Conference; the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing Conference; the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Conference; the Modern Language Association Convention; the 
Conference on College Composition and Communication (Summer Regional Conference); and most recently the International Writing Centers Association ConferenceMrs. Szetela served as the  Rocky Mountain Writing Centers Association Utah State Representative.

2020-2021 Tutors

Jose Rodriguez

          One of the most hardworking, caring, and compassionate people you’ll meet is Jose. He was born in Mexico and has found his passion for learning. Jose likes to learn from other people but he is also very good at teaching other people. Jose is the CHHS debate President which has fueled his passion to learn about things like social justice and other things that affect people in the real world, also you could find him reading a new book or watching anime.                 Jose likes to work with people and in doing so helps create a better bond and understanding with him and other people he talks to. He cares a lot about his family, friends, personal values, his education, and overall making a positive impact on people’s lives. His compassion and ability to care creates a really nice and helpful personality to talk to.          
          Jose is a senior and is hoping to go to college with a full-ride scholarship and become successful enough to support his parents and himself. Jose has been able to achieve 5’s all on 6 of his AP tests that he has taken. Jose loved his AP US History, AP Spanish, AP Language Arts, and AP Psychology classes and has found himself specializing in Social Sciences and Language Arts.

Alyssa Vandenberg

          Alyssa Vandenberg, a current senior at Copper Hills, is a returning tutor at the Writing Center and Learning Lab. She is ambitiously involved at the school by serving as Choir President and enjoys sharing her talents through both Madrigals and Concert Choir as well as playing the piano. She plans to grow in her knowledge this year through taking AP Music Theory and other enriching classes in addition to participating in National Honors Society.   
​          Alyssa looks forward to sharing her academic experience and expertise with others specifically in AP US and World History, along with AP English Language and Composition. She is also skilled in aspects of music and is happy to assist others with her insight.
          Spending time with her friends and making memories with others is another thing that Alyssa enjoys. Furthermore, she loves dogs and being able to serve others. She consistently seeks to learn and grow. Her sweet personality and thoughtful support will elevate your experience here at Copper Hills. You’re sure to find a friend with her as your whole-hearted and enthusiastic tutor.

Elizabeth Cifuentes

          Elizabeth Cifuentes is a senior at copper hills high school. At home, Elizabeth loves to read, write poetry, draw, sing, and hangout with friends and family. She has done many things to show that she is a part of our school community. She has been both the service leader and education leader for LIA. She’s also been apart of the Hope Squad for 3 years straight, helping to prevent teen suicide and bullying. Along with these clubs, she is also a part of Madrigals and holds the position of News Editor for our Copper Hills Newspaper, The Grizzly Growl.
          Elizabeth loves to read and write and specializes in English tutoring. However, Elizabeth is also comfortable with tutoring in US History, Secondary Math 2 and 3, and Physics. Overall, Elizabeth is a great person and loves to help people. She is very friendly to all students, and has the ability to communicate and tutor in both Spanish and English. Along with that, Elizabeth is always willing to lend a helping hand and is excited to tutor.

Ajla Mehic

          Ajla Mehic is a senior this year at Copper Hills High whose subject strengths include medical anatomy, health, science and language arts. She’s most likely to major in biology after graduating with her Associates Degree this upcoming spring. Her motivation to keep working hard comes from her parents and herself. She hopes to have accomplished all of her dreams by the time she is older. This year Ajla was granted the opportunity to be a HOSA communication officer as well as being a part of Newspaper.
​          Some interesting facts about Ajla are that she’s fluent in Bosnian due to the fact that her parents are Bosnian. Her favorite colors are light purple and baby blue. She loves little kids and hopes to become a pediatrician in the future. She also loves animals and spending her free time with her brothers or her puppy. If she’s not doing that in her free time, you’ll catch her watching Netflix eating her favorite snacks such as ice cream. She loves to travel and explore the outdoors as well as play with her husky and spend time with her family and friends. Some of her favorite places to travel include Bosnia, Slovenia and Croatia.

Daniela Garcia

          Daniela Garcia is a senior at Copper Hills High. She enjoys working out, working with little kids, learning about psychology, and spending time with family and friends. In her free time, she likes to watch Netflix, play with kids, and bake. Her favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy, and her favorite movie is The Greatest Showman. She is also fluent in Spanish. 
          Daniela’s favorite places to be are in nature, at a cabin, Mexico, or anywhere with water, like lakes and oceans. Her favorite colors include baby blue, yellow, and soft pink. She also loves to eat fries.
          Daniela is currently the service officer for Latinos in Action and the service Vice President for National Honor Society. She is also working on graduating high school with her Associate’s degree. She has completed many concurrent classes and is currently enrolled in multiple concurrent classes this year as well. 
​          Daniela’s strengths include math, history, and language arts.

Victoria McNair

          Victoria McNair is a responsible, cheerful, and creative person who enjoys putting others’ needs before her own in hopes of seeing their success and happiness. She has been on Copper Hills Dance Company for almost three years, and she owes her dedication, hard-work, and positive spirit all to her coaches and teammates.          Victoria loves to challenge herself with AP, Concurrent, and Honors classes. She has taken five AP tests and passed all of them. She has maintained a 4.0 since elementary school and is currently attending JATC for Pharmacy at SLCC. She also has served in many leadership positions. For Copper Hills Dance Company, she has been Conditioning Vice President and Choreography VP. She is also currently the Historian for JATC HOSA. 
          When Victoria is not leading out, she enjoys service projects, such as: gardening and general cleanup. In the near future, she plans to study at the University of Utah to become a Forensic Psychologist. 
          Victoria would make a wonderful tutor as she is a strong spirit that loves going out of her way to help the students of Copper Hills.

Colton Silimon

          Colton is a senior, dedicated to his studies and getting his associates degree this year. He hopes to Major in either political science or social psychology and attend a school on the west coast. Despite not quite knowing his career path yet, he wants to be able to help people out and is inspired by a thirst for knowledge and the belief that he can always be better. He is treasurer on MESA council, and the Speech and Debate Vice President for this year. Math, AP psychology, and APUSH are just some of the few areas of study that he’s skilled in.          
          When not studying he heavily enjoys photography, fashion, philosophy, and snowboarding during the winter months.A love for photography has even led him to be in AP Photography this year where he hopes to score well on the end of year test. He also loves watching anime, learning about new things like technology, and playing games like league of legends. Despite taking many challenging classes and extracurriculars, Colton still finds the time to partake in his many hobbies and meet new people, always on the lookout for the next big adventure.


Mohmmad Al-Saedy

          Mohmmad Al-Saedy is a Junior and a future Computer Engineer. Mohmmad is a very social person, in his free time he likes working on his car which is why you will most likely find him in the auto shop during school. Which is another reason you would hear him talking about the film series, “Fast and the Furious.'' He loves to listen to Khalid and J. Cole as well and will try to start a debate about how 90s rap is still the best genre to this day, but he also loves to help and volunteer. He volunteers with his local mosque and runs a volunteering club inside the mosque named AlRasool Youth Committee.
​          Mohmmad is the Vice President for Skills USA and a NHS member. He is planning on going to Utah Valley University and getting his bachelor's degree in computer engineering.  He speaks Arabic and is a first generation student to graduate high school and college from his family. Things Mohmmad can help you with is geography, world history, language arts, PhotoShop and digital media, HTML, Javascript and Python coding.

Carlee Davidson

          Carlee Davidson is a senior this year. She specializes in any form of essay or narrative writing, honors or regular chemistry, math 1030, and secondary math 3/3h. 
          When Carlee isn't doing homework or working at Fiiz, she enjoys playing the piano, painting, singing, and hanging out with friends. After Carlee graduates high school, she plans to pursue a bachelor's degree in elementary education. 
          Carlee excels in academics. She juggles 4 concurrent classes as well as other honors classes and manages to maintain a 4.0 GPA. 
          Carlee was a captain for Hope Squad last year, as well as the vice president for One Nation, the secretary for Educators Rising, and a member of National Honors Society. 


Fatima Al-Saedy

          Fatima Al-Saedy is going to be a future pre-med student at the University Utah. After she finishes med school in-state she is planning to go to New York for her residency. Her dream is to live in New York or Portland, Oregon. She loves photography and the arts. Especially art with a lot of feelings and emotions. One of her favorite artists is Francisco Goya. She is a Communication Officer for HOSA. She loves medicine and the human body. Everything our body does amazes her. She can also speak Arabic and her family is from Iraq. She is a first-gen student and will be one of the first to graduate high school from her family and go to college.              Fatima is very hardworking, a dedicated student, a very social and outgoing person, and loves to talk. Some of her favorite subjects are science, history, and language arts. She can help you make a study plan, or help you with medical anatomy and philosophy, intro to health science, and biology.  She can also help with writing hooks, claims, and counterclaims. If you are someone who wants to organize and learn how to study and manage your time she is someone who can help you with that too.

Abigail Crawford

          Abigail Crawford is a 17-year-old senior at Copper Hills. In her free time, she loves to play piano and improve her wood burning skills. She loves doing anything outdoors, including hiking, camping, off-roading, or just heading to the mountains for the day.
          Abigail is a part of the National Honors Society. She also holds an impressive GPA and loves helping others. She has taken both AP World and APUSH, and understands how to write SAQs, LEQs, and DBQs within AP history courses. Abigail is also a part of the physical therapy program at the JATC. She has also taken anatomy and physiology and intro to health.
          Although she doesn’t know what she wants to major in, Abigail is looking forward to attending college and has a few ideas for majors. Some include physical therapy, exercise science, and sports medicine. She wants to go into a field where she can interact with people and have an impact on their lives.

Mimi Tran

          Mimi Tran is a Senior at Copper Hills High School. A 4.0 student, Mimi has been part of NHS for 2 years, and an officer for HOSA for just as long. Mimi is a student who is very dedicated to her studies, specialized in math science, and the arts; more specifically physics and visual arts.    
          Tran is a hard working person that is also drawn towards a love of art. She shows her creativity with a brush and canvas along with crafts of her own: her favorite colors are pastels and black. But on a more academic note, Mimi has the future goals of graduating college, majoring in STEM and minoring in art.
          She would love to have a job in the medical field and live comfortably with her own loving family. As for participating in the Writing Center, she would really love to give a helping hand to those that want to improve their skills because she 100% understands how hard it can be being a full-time student along with your own responsibilities.

Tazia Mcaffee

          Tazia Mcaffee is a senior at Copper Hills High. She has an amazing GPA of 3.9 even though she takes rigorous courses at school and works many jobs. This shows how goal oriented and persevered Tazia is in school and in her everyday life. At home, Tazia is consumed of homework, babysitting, and working. At school, Tazia is very involved with the community. She’s included in many extracurriculars like HOSA, Newspaper, NHS, and the Writing Center. Tazia’s strong suit in school is Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Math 1040/1030, and English.
           Tazia wants to major in biology with an emphasis in anatomy while minoring in child development. She wants to get into medical school and eventually become a pediatric surgeon. Tazia wants to be in the writing center to tutor because she believes it is a great opportunity to reinforce information for herself while helping students actually learn the information rather than just memorize.

Megan Dean

          Megan Dean is a senior this year. She is a hard worker, and always strives to do her best. She has maintained a 4.0 GPA since kindergarten, and hopes to keep it throughout the rest of high school. Currently, she is taking a few concurrent enrollment classes, and enjoys them very much.
          When Megan isn’t at school, she’s either working, doing homework, or taking a nap. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, rollerblading, and playing lacrosse. Currently, she is the President of CH Pals, and she loves being a part of the SPED program at Copper Hills.
          After high school, Megan will be attending Southern Utah University. She plans on getting a Bachelor's degree in Severe Special Education, and Psychology. She hopes to either be a SPED teacher or a Child Development Psychologist.
          Megan is excited to be a part of the Writing Center and she can’t wait to help others.

Savannah Sorensen

          Savannah Sorensen is a senior at Copper Hills High. She is extremely excited to serve as a tutor in the Writing Center this year. As a dedicated student, Savannah is able to assist in various aspects of writing, such as general drafting and editing of essays, but her main strengths lie in math and history. She has great knowledge of math concepts, specifically in Secondary Math 1, 2, and 3 Honors. She also excels at History 2700 and 2710, and can offer great advice on writing essays and performing well on the exams in these classes. She is also able to speak basic Spanish, and is ready to spread her knowledge and positivity through tutoring.          
​          Outside of academic endeavors, Savannah is also very involved at Copper Hills. She has earned her place in both Madrigals and Concert Choir, where she is able to express her passion for music and singing. She also enjoys playing volleyball, and she proudly serves as the Service Vice President of National Honor Society. As someone who cares about helping other people and improving the world around her, Savannah is hoping to pursue a career in psychology or biochemistry in her future.
          Since she is an extremely friendly, outgoing, and fun-loving person, Savannah is always willing to meet new people. She genuinely loves making connections with those around her. Her contagious laughter and great sense of humor are sure to brighten your day and make you smile.

Janzy Clark

          Janzy Clark is a Senior at Copper Hills High School. She's currently taking 3 college classes and attends the Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers (JATC) 2 periods every day. She's studying advanced engineering at the JATC and is most interested in learning about biomedical engineering. Clark plans on attending Utah State University next year for college.
          Some of Janzy's hobbies include baking, painting nails, doing crafts, spending time with her dog, and a lot of  sleeping. She also loves playing with children and taking care of babies.
          Janzy works a part time job right now at Target in Jordan Landing but she always makes time for my family and schoolwork. She has a mom and dad, two older brothers, one younger sister, and one adorable dog named Coco. She loves to laugh and always appreciates a good meme or joke. She feels comfortable teaching a variety of topics including US History, Language Arts 10H and 11H, Engineering (robotics, electronics, civil, and much more), and Secondary Math 2H and 3H. She would also be able to help with AP world and AB Calculus and is always willing to learn something new to help out others.

Julieth Rosario

           Julieth Rosario is a Junior at Copper Hills. She may be shy at first but she'll jump at the opportunity to help someone in need. Julieth is very excited to be a tutor at the writing center and hopes to help as much as possible. She hopes to get to know people as much as possible. Some of the things she enjoys doing in her free time are playing lacrosse, painting, reading, and all kinds of crafts. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Some of her friends may describe her as goofy but observant.
          One thing Julieth aspires to do with her future is pre-med.  Her favorite subjects in school are math and health science. She would feel comfortable tutoring in both of those subjects as well as English, French, and Spanish. Career wise, Julieth does not have a clearcut path but hopes to get there after school. She may struggle here and there like any other student but she always manages to rise with help. She hopes to be an asset to the writing center and become friends with those who walk through the door.