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College and Careers

Did Utah College Application Week at Copper Hills zoom by too fast? No worries at all! We've got you covered with a treasure trove of resources right here. Dive into this pool of information about college applications, snag some handy fee waiver codes for October, and delve into insightful career research. It's all designed to make your college application journey smoother and less stressful. Remember, your future is bright and we're here to help light the way! 🚀

Get Involved! Get Ahead!


🚀 Copper Hills High School Career Fair: Chart Your Path to Success! 🚀

Are you ready to take the first step towards your future career? Copper Hills High School invites all students to our Career Fair!

📅 When: 2024-2025 School Year TBD 📍 Where: Large Gym, Copper Hills High School

Join us and meet representatives from local and national institutions ready to guide you toward your career goals! This is a golden opportunity to introduce yourself, ask questions, and get a clearer picture of your future path.

Don’t miss out on this chance to take control of your future and start building the career you've always dreamed of!


🔧 Jumpstart Your Career with JATC! 🔧

Are you a high school student curious about your future career? Want to get a head start and gain real-world experience before graduation? Look no further than the Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers (JATC)!

At JATC, we believe in learning by doing. Our programs offer hands-on experience in a wide range of fields, from healthcare and IT to construction and culinary arts.

🌟 Don't just learn about careers – live them! 🌟

Immerse yourself in your field of interest, work with industry professionals, and develop the skills you'll need in your future career. Graduating with experience under your belt gives you a competitive edge and a clear vision of your career path.

Ready to take the first step toward your dream career? Visit our website or visit your counselor for more information.

👩‍🔬👨‍🍳👩‍🏭👨‍💻 JATC: Learn today. Lead tomorrow. 👨‍🔧👩‍💼👨‍⚕️👩‍🏫



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