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Online Course Options

Online Course Options for the 2023-2024 School Year

Copper Hills High School
  • Courses Offered: Lifetime Fitness & Business Office Specialist
  • Cost: Free
  • Both courses are offered 1st and 2nd semester.
  • Sign up by contacting your School Counselor.
Kings Peak High School (Online through Jordan School District)
  • Registration for Semester 1 is no longer available. Please contact your School Counselor if you are interested in taking some online courses in Semester 2.
  • Click here to review the list of available courses.
  • Please note that in order to remain a Copper Hills High student, you can have up to 3.5 credits through Kings Peak. If you sign up for 4 or more credits, you will become a Kings Peak Student and work towards their diploma. 
State Online Education Program/SEATS
  • You can sign up online at
  • You may only take up to 6 credits through SEATS per school year and this includes courses taken during the summer before the school year begins, unless you work with your counselor to get an approval for additional courses.
  • Course options vary by provider. Please review each provider's website for specific course information at
  • Your School Counselor will be notified and will accept or reject your request based on your remaining graduation requirements.
  • Please communicate with your School Counselor PRIOR to requesting a class. 



Summer Class Options


State Online Education Program/SEATS
  • Online course format
  • Cost: There is no charge for these classes.
  • Creating a plan with your School Counselor prior to signing up for a class.
  • You can sign up online at
  • These courses are for Original Credit Only
    • You cannot do credit recovery through SEATS or you'll be charged approx. $250 per .25 credit.
Kings Peak High School
Northridge Learning Center
  • Mostly Paper Format but there are a few assignments, quizzes, & tests online.
  • Cost: $40 per .25 credit if ordered through CHHS.
  • To sign up, a parent/guardian needs to contact your School Counselor. 
  • Available for Original Credit or Credit Recovery.