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An Update on Arcane - League of LegendsTuesday March 23 4:00 PM
Tooele CLC Varsity vs CHHS League of Legends
Overwatch logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNGWednesday March 25 4:30 PM 
Cajon HS Overwatch vs CHHS Overwatch Varsity
Anarchy Eagles vs Team Rocket (CHHS)
Rocket League Icon – Free Download, PNG and VectorThursday March 26 4:00
[LHGG] Varsity vs CHHS RL Varsity
EIA # 3 vs CHHS JV Rocket League
An Update on Arcane - League of LegendsTuesday March 23 4:00 PM
CHHS League of Legends vs TBD
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HSEL tournament (April 15 + 16):
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Current Team:
An Update on Arcane - League of LegendsLeague of Legends (2-4)
Helamani Fonua - HelasanIII-Top
Milo Wolfgramm - SOJAxBOSS - Jungle
Brayden Crowther - crazy squril - Mid
Hayden Lyu (captain) - Zeltation - ADC
Elijah Martinez - MrBig - support
Rocket League Icon – Free Download, PNG and VectorRocket League
Varsity (1-1):
Nathan Lassen (captain) -Exonic Factor
Tyler Grey - wasleft_
Eric Hammond - les waffles
JV (1-1):
Anthony Espinoza - itz_txny666
Erik Elgan - NerdyPorcupine
Evan Larkin - electricCow
Jacob Donaldson - BlueNeonPaw
Overwatch logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNGOverwatch
team #1 (varisty) 1-1
Ravin Elizalde - Bazmati
Trevor Gunn - 
Emanuel Arellanes - Steezysalt#11179
Eric Felts - Jynx
Holden Smith - TwoOutRally#1639
Mason Overby - CJAG#11813
Team#2 (JV) 0-2
Nicholas Pierce - Dagran#11681
Peter Lopez
Cassidy Pullin
Camden Johnson
Caden Winter
Austin Mattson
Welcome, this is the official place to sign up for the HSEL tournament on the 15th and 16th.
We will be playing both super smash bros ultimate and rocket league. Everything will be online so you can play from home!
Heres what you need to do:
1. Create an account on HSEL
2. find a team, Rocket League is doubles, so find a partner. Smash bros is 4v4. If you don't have a team you can ask Mr. Redford to assign you to one, but these will be first come first serve. 
3. Fill out this form and Mr. Redford will make the teams on HSEL.
4. start practicing!